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Yoga with Dave

~ Yoga for Everybody and All Bodies ~
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Contact Dave or Lisa

If you have any questions or comments please drop us a note.
We are always happy to hear from you,
 even if it's just to say hello!

 Who is this "Lisa" I keep hearing about?

When you see "Pre-Register with Lisa" or "Contact Lisa for more information," that's me, Lisa Polston.

Lisa is the founder of The Lotus Center and Library in Eugene and a longtime student of Dave's.  I have been studying and practicing along the path of Yoga for some time now, wandering along some paths farther than others.  However, once I started doing Yoga with Dave my practice deepened immensely and he has played a huge role in helping me to find my own way.  A large part of that is working closely with Dave on the business side of Yoga with Dave and Aksara Yoga.  I do much of Dave's busy work - the marketing and advertising, graphi0c and web design as well as the scheduling, record-keeping, accounting and generally overseeing the day-to-day operations.

"Lisa" is a Davehead - and what a long strange trip it's been! 

I look forward to talking with you about Yoga with Dave and/or Aksara Yoga.  Please do get in touch.  I'm sure you've heard this before, but I can be reached at (541) 515-3614 or  I'm probably the one to greet you when you come to check in for a class - say hello and let me know you saw this paragraph and I'll give a dollar off of one class.


Privacy Policy:
While Yoga with Dave and Aksara Yoga is all about creating community and Yoga in the truest sense of the word (Union) we also respect your privacy.  If you ever find that you prefer to not be included in our little community, please let us know.  All requests to be removed from mailing list(s) will be honored in an expedient and timely manner.