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~ Yoga for Everybody and All Bodies ~
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Yoga Shastra Reading List

This is a study course designed to integrate Yoga within the context of daily living, not a reading group or book club.  The texts are read as living signposts along the path in support of Yoga.

This very brief overview includes topics and themes to be studied, as well as the basic course reading list.  While key elements of this particular study series are set, both the individual and group understanding of each element will be a reflection of the focus of the group as a whole.  Topics will arise in relation to the study of Yoga.  Yoga is a living, spiritual science.  It remains relevant to the student of today just as it did in ages past.

The intention is to study Yoga both on and off of the mat.  Yoga is a profound understanding of the Self. 
As such, it is a philosophy of life. Ultimately, your life will become your meditation when this is perfected over time.

Course Texts:
  • The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice by T. K. V. Desikachar
  • Awakening the Spine: The Stress-Free New Yoga that Works with the Body to Restore Health, Vitality and Energy by Vanda Scaravelli
  • Bhagavad Gtā: A New Translation by Stephen Mitchell
  • The Wisdom Of Yoga: A Seekers Guide To Extraordinary Living by Stephen Cope
  • Yoga Masters: How Yoga Theory Can Deepen Your Practice and Meditation by Mark Forstater and Jo Manuel

Additional Reading:  (Books to borrow or buy if you choose)

  • A Short History of Myth (Myths, The) by Karen Armstrong
  • An End to Suffering: The Buddha in the World by Pankaj Mishra
  • The Upanishads by Juan Mascaro

Supplemental Reading:

  • Ka: Stories of the Mind and Gods of India by Roberto Calasso
  • The Mythic Image by Joseph Campbell
  • Philosophies of India by Heinrich Zimmer
  • Buddha by Karen Armstrong
  • Vedanta For Modern Man (Ed. Isherwood)  ***o.o.p.!

  • The Song of God by Swami Prabavananda and Christopher Isherwood
  • Thoughts Without A Thinker: Psychotherapy From a Buddhist Perspective by Mark Epstein
  • Holy Fire: Nine Visionary Poets And The Quest For Enlightenment (Edited by Halpern)
  • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (Translated by Martin Hammond)

  • The Odyssey of Homer (Translated by Fagles)

  •  Tao Te Ching (Translated by Guy Leekley)
  •  The Principle Upanishads by Alan Jacobs
  •  The Bhagavad Gtā by Alan Jacobs

  • Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God: Retracing The Ramayana Through India by Jonah Blank
  • Seven Systems Of Indian Philosophy by Tigunait
  • Aghora: At The Left Hand of God by Robert Svoboda

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