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Yoga with Dave

~ Yoga for Everybody and All Bodies ~
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Yoga Shastra - The Study of the Spiritual Underpinnings of Yoga    

This very brief overview includes topics and themes to be studied, as well as the basic course reading list.  While key elements of this particular study series are set, both the individual and group understanding of each element will be a reflection of the focus of the group as a whole.  Topics will arise in relation to the study of Yoga.  Yoga is a living, spiritual science.  It remains relevant to the student of today just as it did in ages past.


Concepts and themes covered include:

~ Yoga

~ Meditation

~ Iśvara and Iśvarapraidhāna

~ Ātman

~ Brahman

~ The Wisdom of the Seers

            (The Vedas and the Upaniadic Vision)

Further Assignments will include:

~ Yoga Journal/Reflections

~ Āsana Classes

~ Individual Practice(s) such as breathwork/prānāyāma.

Subsequent sessions will focus on the following topics:

II.          The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali
III.        The Bhagavad Gtā
IV.         Yoga and The Wisdom of the Buddha
V.           Yoga and the Chakras
VI.         Sarva Yoga and Bliss (Akara)

The course is organic and will evolve with the group of assembled yogis.  Topics relating to the above themes will be taught and put into the context of each participant's life.  This is a study course designed to integrate Yoga within the context of daily living, not a reading group or book club.  The texts are read as living signposts along the path in support of Yoga.