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Grateful Yoga: Take Your Yoga Practice FURTHUR!                           September 2011
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I have a deep connection with the music of The Grateful Dead.  My first show was at the Philly Spectrum (RIP!) in April of 1985.  The Floydian Yoga had been a big hit in Eugene, and a bunch of us had tickets to see Furthur, so it was a natural that my next offering for a summer class in Eugene would be Grateful Yoga.  I am forever grateful for both the band and the music as well as my dedicated yogis in Eugene who came out to practice together to the timeless music of this amazing band!  The Furthur shows were also an absolute blast too.  It was great to be back in the Phil Zone in Eugene!

Be sure to check out the playlist too.


Grateful Yoga Playlist:

Olin Arageed (10-22-78 Winterland)

Dark Star Jam (Jamming at the Edge of Magic, vol 3 '92-'95)

Spanish Jam (
Jamming at the Edge of Magic, vol 3 '92-'95)

Playin' Jam (
Jamming at the Edge of Magic, vol 3 '92-'95)

Eyes of the World (4-16-78 Huntington, WV, Marshall Univ.)

Ice of the North (Dafos)

Uncle John's Band (12-23-70) Winterland)

Mind Left Body Jam => Drumz (3-24-90 Albany, NY)

Fire on the Mountain (3-22-90 Ontario)

Subterranean Caves Of Kronos (Dafos)

Cassidy (3-22-74 Cow Palace)

... Jam => Dark Star ... (10-18-74 Winterland)

(Disk 2)
copies of these disks are available
just ask!

The Wheel (6-29-76 Chicago)

Brokedown Palace (Henry Kaiser Eternity Blue)

Silver Apples of the Moon (Infrared Roses)

Baby Blue (12-3-81 Madison, WI)

After Midnight (Garcia/Saunders)

Sugar Magnolia (10-19-73 OKC Fairgrounds)

Lovelight =>

Going Down the Road Feeling Bad =>


Hey Bo Diddley =>

NFA (5-26-72 London, UK)