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Yoga with Dave

~ Yoga for Everybody and All Bodies ~
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We have compiled a page of answers to common questions for your assistance.  If the information you seek is not listed here, please send us a note.

A: Cash,checks and credit cards are always welcome as is paypal.  I know that a number of you have had some aggravation with using the paypal buttons and I am sincerely sorry about that. We really do want your experience to be one of ease.  If paypal is your payment method of choice, please call or send an email and Lisa will send an individualized request for payment. 

A: It helps us out immensely when you pre-register, so much so that we offer a discount for doing so. Prices do change, but typically, each asana class is $12 at the door or $10 if you can let us know to expect you.  All we ask is a phone call or email in advance stating which classes you want to attend and your preferred payment method.  Satsangs are typically offered on a donation basis with a suggestion of $5 to $10 per session.  Private sessions are $60 per hour in person or $80 for two sessions: one in person and a follow up either online or by telephone.  They are always offered on the topic of your choice.  Additionally, Dave routinely offers package discounts for combining multiple Yoga sessions.  Shastra participants receive additional discounts above and beyond what is listed here.

A: A private session is for anyone who wants to radically deepen their Yoga practice in very short order. If you've ever been curious about what goes on in the Shastra, or have an interest in learning meditation and/or Yoga philosophy, or just want to be taught on a more personalized scale that is specialized for you, that is the essence of what a private session is.  It is for anyone who wants to radically deepen their Yoga practice in very short order. Topics can range from (physical pose questions):  "I don't know how to twist my body to get the most out of a specific hatha pose."  Or (Yogic philosophy): "What is the meaning of OM?"  Or "What is the best way to begin meditating and what does that even mean?"  Or (emotional questions): "Why does it feel like I carry the weight of the world and is it possible that Yoga can help?"  To (health matters): "My doctor released me following back surgery and he suggested Yoga, what will help?"  Or "I would like to lose some weight, can Yoga help with that?" To "I'm having these strange experiences that I can't explain, is it related to my Yoga practice?" or "How does Yoga relate to Religion and/or Enlightenment?"    Yoga spans the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, Dave can assist with your bringing them all into alignment.  Because this time is dedicated to your specific concerns, private sessions are often great fun and very enlightening!  To schedule  a private session or for more information contact Lisa. 

A: Just let us know that you need financial assistance and the reason(s) you feel you need this type of help by sending a message to Lisa or Dave.
A: We receive many requests for financial assistance, so donations are always welcomed. Contact Lisa with questions or concerns about how donations are collected and/or distributed.

A: Yoga with Dave stresses personal responsibility at all times and is throughout the teachings.  As a reminder, the following statements are included:
Standard Liability Waiver
As a student of Dave Curtis, I take full responsibility for my participation in yoga classes. I agree to listen to my body, take classes appropriate to my level and experience, and to work at my own capacity in each class. I hereby release the instructors, organizers, the hosting facility and it's staff from liability resulting from any injury or discomfort from my attendance and participation.
Privacy policy
While Yoga with Dave and Aksara Yoga is all about creating community and Yoga in the truest sense of the word (Union) we also respect your privacy.  If you ever find that you prefer to not be included in our little community, please let us know.  All requests to be removed from mailing list(s) will be honored in an expedient and timely manner.